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May 31, 2020

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2019-20 Bluffton High School music award winners

Bluffton High School music and drama students were recognized this week as 13 annual awards were presented in virtual format. This year’s student honorees follow. To view the all-time list of BHS music award winners, going back to 1967, click here.

Semper Fi Award 
Given to a band student who exemplifies good musicianship, dedication, dignity, community service and good grades
Harrison Stechschulte           

Marching Band Award 
Given to student outstanding in Marching Band
Mackaid Burner
Samuel Luke

Director’s Award for Band
Angelica Williams
Patrick Estell

Director’s Award for Choir                            
Kaitlynn Rieman
Nephi Peralta                                                                                                                                                          

John Philip Sousa Award 
Given to the outstanding instrumental student                                   
Sophia Gott                                                                 

Robert Shaw Award for Choir 
Given to an outstanding vocal music student
Ana Neufeld Weaver  

Show Choir Award                                         
Sidnie Koontz                                                                                                 

Drama Award 
Kaitlynn Rieman
Raina Runk                                                                                                                

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award 
Given to an outstanding student in Jazz Band
Nathaniel Spencer                  

Mullenhour Award     
Given to a student or adult who gives a great deal of time to the music department
No award this year                            

Eloise Caskey Award 
Given to a student who has potential for a career in music
Sophia Gott
Ana Neufeld Weaver

Nelson M. Hauenstein Award 
Given to a music student who shows outstanding achievement and promise in the art of music
Patrick Estell                                 

Director’s Award for Orchestra
Ana Neufeld Weaver
Grace Paquin