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July 24, 2021

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Heartland conference working toward sports competition guidelines

The Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference presidential and athletic leadership groups remain optimistic that the HCAC will be able to safely conduct fall athletic competition.  

HCAC institutions are finalizing plans and protocols regarding students returning to campuses for the fall term.  

Following those announcements, the HCAC plans to provide updates to the public on athletic activities at regular 15-day intervals until the start of the fall seasons.

Currently, athletics and campus leadership groups at each HCAC member institution are working  to develop safe and thorough guidelines for a return to play.  

The conference and its campus members are developing policies, guided by the direction of several sources (national athletics leadership bodies, state and local health officials among them). 

Each of the three states in which HCAC member institutions reside has the authority to implement resocialization in a manner that it deems appropriate, and the league is working to develop guidelines that are consistent across state lines that ensure fair and safe competition.  

In addition, each HCAC sponsored sport will have different logistical issues, and the league is working to ensure that all facets of each sport's specific needs are addressed individually.

Administering safe, competitive and equitable collegiate athletic competition for its member schools and student-athletes is at the heart of what the HCAC does. While the pandemic certainly presents new and unique challenges, the HCAC is working hard to ensure that we will successfully fulfill that mission again this coming academic year.