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July 13, 2020

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Take a summer art walk through Bluffton

Second installment of a weekly series featuring art of John Peter Klassen

Summer is a great time to explore the art spread across the Bluffton community – especially for viewers unable to visit art galleries elsewhere in Ohio.

As a weekly series, The Icon will feature the art created by John Peter Klassen, a long-time Bluffton College art professor.

For some viewers, this series is familiar. For others, it may be a first-time experience.

Either way, it’s an opportunity to take a walk and view some art that is uniquely Bluffton. Much of Klassen’s art is spread through Bluffton University campus, however several pieces, shown later in this series, are elsewhere in the community.

Today’s feature

The Wake, bronze sculpture
By Dietrich Rempel, class of 1929

This work is by a Klassen student. You’ll find it in the entrance to the reading room in the Musselman Library on the Bluffton University campus.

Rempel, like his teacher, John Peter Klassen, was a Mennonite refuge from Russia. He had managed to escape, but his brother was killed in his attempt. This casting is a beautiful tribute to his brother and shows an amazing skill in sculpture for a young student.

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