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September 27, 2020

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North Main parking expands by 24 spots

Chamber will install directional signs in village for visitors

There’s a new municipal parking lot in Bluffton and this week it gets its stripes.

Village-owned property north of the fire station on North Main Street was paved in the past month. It will soon have 24 parking spaces, Jesse Blackburn, village administrator, told council members on Monday.

Of those spaces at least four will be reserved for fire department use.

The village purchased two properties north of the station several years ago anticipating either expansion of its fire station or for use as a parking lot.

With the move of Et Cetera to the former glove factory building plus additional businesses, Polished and Spectrum Salon, opening in the fire station neighborhood, demand for off-street parking has increased.

University concern
Dr. Jane Wood, president of Bluffton University, addressed council about an incident involving a university student of color. She told council that a student walking in a Bluffton neighbor was confronted by a situation where an adult abruptly removed a child from a lawn into a house.

“The student’s interpretation of the incident was that he felt he wasn’t welcome in the village,” she council members. She added that the student’s mother contacted the university about the incident.

Dr. Wood wanted the village council to be aware of this situation, added, “We ask that all students at the university be welcome in Bluffton. She said that she hoped the university and village could develop ways to work together (to make the community more welcoming).

Mitch Kingsley, council member, suggested the village and university work together on a written resolution, or statement, affirming that all people are welcome in the community.

Dr. Wood said that she would welcome that and perhaps the university student senate could become involved in writing it.

Other village updates
Blackburn reported that the Buckeye park spillway being reconstructed by Patriot Concrete should be completed next week.

The Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce purchased four directional signs to be installed in the village. Fultz Sign Co. created the signs. Each is 3 by 5 feet and will be installed this month. The signs point visitors to Bluffton shopping and dining areas, to Bluffton University, Bluffton Hospital and Bluffton Family Recreation.