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October 20, 2020

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Letter: Shannon Service Club invites another group to take over community garage sale

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The SHANNON Service Club of Bluffton (Sharing Hopes And Nourishing Needs Of Neighbors) is sorry to make this announcement.  We have decided that we will no longer to able to sponsor the huge Community Garage Sale/Craft Show and Chicken BBQ held annually during the latter part of February at The Centre at Bluffton.  As far as we can determine, the Garage Sale began with the BASO Club, passed on to the Exchange Club and then picked up by the SHANNON Service Club of Bluffton, possibly for a total of the past 18 or 19 years.  We are announcing it at this time, hoping that some group or organization may continue this project for the betterment of Bluffton and surrounding communities.  We always held it the last weekend of February, and those dates are still open at The Centre.  If you are interested and would like more information, you may call Duane at 419-358-7365 or call Stephanie at The Centre at Bluffton at 419-358-8533.    

We wish to gratefully thank all the many vendors over the years for their fantastic involvement in this project.  And we especially want to thank all you faithful customers of both the Garage Sale and the Chicken BBQ.  You have made this venture very fulfilling for our club and for the greater Bluffton Community.  We will miss the fun, food, and fellowship.  The SHANNON Club of Bluffton will continue serving the needs of Bluffton in every way possible.  

SHANNON Club Garage Sale/Chicken BBQ Committee
Bluffton, Ohio