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January 24, 2021

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Jerry Cupples re-elected Bluffton council president for 2021

Here's who is who on council committees

Jerry Cupples was re-elected president of Bluffton council for 2021 at the Jan. 11 reorganizational meeting of council.

Mayor Richard Johnson told the Icon that council committees would remain unchanged from last year. Those committees follow:

Council committees for 2021
Finance: Dave Steiner, Phill Talavinia
Insurance: Jerry Cupples, Dave Steiner
Ordinance: Mitch Kingsley, Joe Sehlhorst
Personnel: Phill Talavinia, Mitch Kingsley
Safety Service: Phill Talavinia, Ben Stahl
Streets, Alleys, Lights and Sidewalks: Joe Sehlhorst, Jerry Cupples
Allen County Regional Planning: Mitch Kingsley
Utilities: Dave Steiner, Jerry Cupples
Sidewalk Review Board: Phill Talavinia
Pathway Board: Ben Stahl
Cemetery Board: Jerry Cupples
Tree Commission: Ben Stahl
Airport Commission: Phill Talavinia
Joint Water Advisory Board: Dave Steiner
Allen County Health Department: Joe Sehlhorst
Village Cultural Affairs: Joe Sehlhorst
Parks and Recreation: Ben Stahl, Mitch Kingsley