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February 26, 2021

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"Every time I make a piece of art, I shape a new small world"

Meet Amber Boop, Icon's BHS artist of February

Amber Boop, Bluffton High School junior, is the February artist of the month.

"This piece is called Rat House and it's a piece I really love," she told the Icon. "When drawing it the personalities of the rats emerged and evolved. Each of them has a unique personality and story. I loved being able to develop them and their little world.

Amber says that she enjoys art because she enjoys developing a world with her hands.

"I can shape this world however I wish," she said. "I can make it as beautiful, practical, and amusing as I want.

"Every time I make a piece of art, I shape a new small world, and in each of these worlds I imbue a piece of me. I love being able to bring my worlds to life through the self expression art brings."

Vickie Garmon is the Bluffton High School art teacher.