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February 26, 2021

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Ruth Nayor recalls living next to H.W. and Olga Berky

Housing in Bluffton was incredibly tight. There was nothing to buy or rent

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Ruth Naylor recalls living on Spring Street - In the late Sixties my husband, Stan, was invited to return and work for the college.

We were living in Ft. Wayne at the time, but he had always been partial to and supportive of his alma mater. Our two children, Kim and Jeff, were now in elementary school, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to finish work for a bachelor’s degree without losing any of the credit I’d accumulated there years earlier.

Housing in Bluffton was incredibly tight. There was nothing to buy or rent. It took a whole semester before we could find a place to live, but finally the little white bungalow on the Spring Street edge of campus became available and we were blessed to rent it.

Retired Professor H. W. Berky and his wife, Olga, were living next door in the lovely house that the professor and his son had built of stone from the Bluffton quarry. (It’s known as the Houshower House today.) H. W. and Olga were delightful neighbors.

One day, Olga told us that she had been baking and asked Kim and Jeff if they liked squash pie. They turned up their noses at the idea of squash pie; so, she waited until the next day to bring over what she called a pumpkin pie and the children loved it.

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