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Blanchard Valley Health System

Weekend doctor: Bicep injuries

By James Davidson, MD and Katie Fultz, PA-C
Blanchard Valley Orthopedics and Sport Medicine
The biceps muscle is a key player in the function of the upper and lower arm, therefore, when it has an injury, it can make a significant impact on a person’s function.

Weekend doctor: Seeing a psychiatrist

By Christian Steiner, MD
Psychiatric Center of Northwest Ohio
“Who sees a psychiatrist anyway?” This is a common question I have been asked by many different people outside of my office. Many times, this question is brought up to me in social situations where the topic of mental health arises in passing. I often forget that psychiatry has a stigma as every day I encounter people from all walks of life who are seeking professional help for an array of different issues.

8 babies reported born in Bluffton Hospital this month

Eight babies were born at Bluffton Hospital for the month of February. Note, these only include those reported to the Icon.  

They are:
Feb. 1 – Wyatt Cole, son of Jordan and Taylor Barton

Feb. 3 – Evelyn Marie, daughter of Jordan and Emily Lehman, Findlay

Feb. 3 – Adalynn Kay, daughter of George and Shalen Moody, Beaverdam

Feb. 4 – Nixon Gray, son of Tylor and Jasmine Morman, Columbus Grove

Feb. 14 – Kaylum Jay, son of Timothy Harriger and Erin Donaldson, Columbus Grove

Weekend doctor: Egg Allergy and the Flu Shot

Cause for Alarm?

By Amber Patterson, MD
ENT & Allergy Specialists of Northwest Ohio

Weekend doctor: Rotator cuff tears

By Stanislaw Dajczak, MD
Blanchard Valley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
A rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that help move the shoulder. These muscles are deep and attach at the upper part of the arm. Deep muscles attach to the bones around the ball-and-socket joint by a thick, non-elastic tissue called a tendon. These tendons can tear by an acute injury or degeneration over time and can occur in any of the four tendons. Rotator cuff arthropathy is defined as arthritis as the result of tearing these rotator cuff tendons.

BVHS Partners to construct new senior development

Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) will be working in conjunction with Pennrose Holdings, LLC, to construct EasternWoods Senior, a 50-unit residential development. The future site of the expansion will be located at 0 Birchaven Lane, Findlay.

EasternWoods Senior will be a 51,000 square foot building, containing independent living, accessible housing units for seniors age 55 and older. The development will sit adjacent to the existing Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) on the campus of Birchaven Village.