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January 21, 2019

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Bluffton Council/School Board

2018 tax revenue streams

On Monday's school board agenda

Bluffton school board will act to approve 2018 tax revenue streams on Monday.

The action includes approving amounts required from the general property tax and from the county auditor’s estimated tax rates.

The attached school board packet breaks down in detail, general property taxes approved and the county auditor’s estimated tax rates.

It also shows the school district’s general fund and bond retirement and permanent improvement fund amounts.

Committee report night

Seven council committee provide reports of meetings on Monday

Seven Bluffton council committee reports are on Monday's Bluffton council agenda.

The unusual number of reports is due, in part, to a new year and a new council committee structure.

Reports will be from:
• Safety services
• Streets, alleys, lights and sidewalks
• Finance
• Ordinance
• Parks and recreation
• Utilities
• Cultural affairs

The minutes of those committee meetings are in the council packet attached at the bottom of this story. Below is a list of council committee and members of those commitees.

Feb. 12 council discussion centers on street improvements

Bluffton council will hold a committee meeting of the whole next week.

The meeting, set by Mayor Richard Johnson, takes place at 6:30 p.m., Monday, Feb. 12, for the purpose of discussing assessment options for street improvement projects.

This committee meeting is now underway

Bluffton council schedules six meeting this week and next

Bluffton council committee meetings are lining up like jets ready to take off at the airport – as the new year begins.

Here’s the schedule and discussion point of each meeting:
(All meeting are in the town hall)

• Wednesday, Jan. 24 – Safety services, fire and EMS, 4:30 p.m.
Discussion: Purchase of new ambulance; also grant on workers’ compensation.

Brad Fruchey elected school board president for 2018

Wesley Klinger elected vice president

Brad Fruchey will serve as president of the Bluffton school board in 2018. The board elected him during its reorganization meeting on Jan. 8. Also elected, as board vice president, was Wesley Klinger.

In addition to Fruchey and Klinger, board members are Ken Lugibihl, Brad Scoles and Renee Smith.

Ben Stahl appointed to vacant council seat

Jerry Cupples elected council president in 2018

Ben Stahl, who was the fifth highest vote getter – the top four were seated on council - in the November Bluffton council election, is now a council member.

He was appointed to the council vacancy, which opened when council member Richard Johnson became mayor in late December.

His appointment follows a tradition by council of naming the next-in-line highest vote getter to fill a council vacancy. The previous council did not follow this tradition.