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August 15, 2020

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Police Log

Bluffton EMS experienced 514 calls in 2017

Involving 385 patient transports

Bluffton EMS experienced a busy 2017, according to Jan Basinger, EMS chief.

The squad responded to 514 calls for assistance. Of those calls 426 were of a medical nature. September was the busiest month with 52 total calls.

Bluffton’s EMS handles calls in the village Richland Township and Orange Township, in addition to mutual aid. Of the 514 calls 426 were in the village.

In 2017 the EMS transported 385 patients. Of those, 211 transports went to Bluffton Hospital.

Total runs by month, by location and by medical category are in the attached chart.


2017 fire runs slightly higher than 2016

Accident runs increased this year

Note: A monthly chart is attached at the bottom of this story covering 2016 and 2017.

Bluffton Fire Department’s 2017 runs were very similar to 2016, according to Jon Kinn, fire chief.

The department reported 109 runs in 2017 and 101 in 2016. Kinn told Bluffton council that the department’s response to 27 accidents in 2017 was higher than normal. The 2016 accident response was 19.

The highest month for calls was February with 12.


Uptick in police calls for service in 2017

2016 stats compared to 2017 stats - attachments below

Bluffton police experienced a 1,350 increase in the number of calls for service from 2016 to 2017, according to Ryan Burkholder, police chief.

Those calls numbered 4,278 in 2016 and jumped to 5,528 in 2017.

Five attachments compare 2016 stats by month to 2017 stats by month. Some of the comparison include:

18 breaking and entering (2017)
17 breaking and enterings (2016)

463 vehicle investigations (2017)
401 vehicle investigations (2016)

279 house checks (2017)
145 house checks (2016)


Security camera shows robbery underway at Ada business

Late night Jan. 3 robbery at 302 Carryout, Ada

Click on photo image
for a larger portrait

FROM ADA ICON - Ada police seek assistance from Ada residents concerning a robbery late in the evening of Jan. 3 at 302 Carryout.

Here's the police Facebook account and three photos of the robber:

SAFER (Seeking Aid From Every Resident) ALERT

On Jan. 3, at approximately 11:30 p.m., an unknown white male wearing a dark blue hoodie and dark colored sweat pants robbed the 302 Carryout in Ada, of an undisclosed amount of money.


Bluffton PD had 5,593 calls for service in 2017

Here's December's police call summary

Here's the 2017 summary of calls to the Bluffton police department:
• Total Calls for Service for 2017 – 5,593
• Total Reportable Offenses for 2017 – 311
• Total Traffic Crashes Handled in 2017 - 52

Here's December's summary:
• Total Calls for Service – 420
• Total Reportable Offenses – 20
• Total Traffic Crashes – 4

Here's a summary of the December calls:

December 1


Cattle wrestling in Ada

Earllier this year Ada had a roaming rooster. Today's animal at large was a calf. This is a screen shot from the Ada Police Department Facebook. Click here to watch the video.