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June 23, 2018

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One of the oldest remaining Bluffton school class photos

This is one of the oldest existing photographs of a Bluffton school class. It is possibly two classes combined. We know that some of the students in the photo graduated in 1903.

Supposing those students were in the sixth grade when this photo was taken, that dates this photo to the 1896-97 school year.

Several of the members of the class of 1903 are very roughly identified.

Front row: Ruth Dukes Mohler, far left.

Second row: From left, Zoe Bentley Hauenstein, Bertha Flora Nikles Hall, Flora Tarena Green ?, Sylvia Watkins Huber, ____, ____, ____, ____, Ed Conrad, ____.

Third row: Fred Zehrbach, ____, Mabel Stauffer Minks, Flora Green?, Faye Cunningham, ____, ___Woods, Walter Lugibihl, ____, ____ Zoll, teacher.

Fourth row: Harry Hahn (arrow pointing to him)

Top row: Edgar Hall (far right).

Although several class members are not identified, the Icon has the class list of students who graduated in 1903.

Perhaps all of the following students are in the photo: Clara M. Acomb, John Lester Alexander, Zoe E. Bentley, Elmer Leroy Carpenter, Ruth Emma Dukes, Nellie B. Eaton, Edith B. Fenton, Flora Tarena Green, Edgar C. Hall, Walter H. Lugibihl, Myrtle May Manges, Bertha Flora Nikles, H. Ray Staater and Clyde A. Waltz.