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Mark Delisle

June 25, 2017


Poetic License

052887 - The Icon first thought this was a a zip code, but upon further study, we believe the owner of this plate was born on May  28, 2987. We welcome clarification from any Icon view with more information. We spotted this plate on a blue Honda CR-V in Ada. (The monthly renewal sticker confirmed our birthday theory.)

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100 swimming seasons ago in Bluffton

Let's swim in the Buckeye. Here's a photo of the earliest Bluffton Buckeye swimming area taken some time between 1910 and 1920.

Imagine that you are on the south bank looking north on the Spring Street side of the Buckeye. That's location of the pool.

You'll see a rope. It separates the deep end from the shallow end. The deep end includes a diving board.

The man on the deck is Steiner Geiger, who gave swim lessons. It is possible that his two sisters are on the diving board.

Look closely at the two young women in white dresses near the building. They stand next to a bicycle.

We are told that swimming lessons during this era involved tying a rope around the swimmer and tossing the swimmer into the quarry. The goal of the swimmer was to make it back to shore safely.