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September 23, 2018

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1955-56 Bluffton Kindergarten

Here’s Elfrieda Howe’s morning Kindergarten in 1955-56. It was the final year for private Kindergartens in Bluffton.

Front row from left, Mary Herr, Linda Marshall, Connie Sommers, Kathy Kirtland, Ann Balmer, Patricia Benroth, Barbara Basinger, _____ Anderson, Rick Emmert.

Second row from left, John Simcox, James Henry, Fred Steiner, Ron Benroth.

Third row from left, Judy Lehman, Beth Dailey, Candice Swank.

Fourth row from left, Chris ______,  Michael_______, Judy Westrick, Kent Kinsinger, Dan Steiner, John Lehman (with cat), Jon Sommer, Mrs. Howe.

Top row from left, Mona Reichenbach, Raelene Habegger, Barbara Diller and Janice Luginbuhl.