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February 20, 2019

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1899-1900 school year - Miss Benroth is the teacher

This is one of over a dozen class photos in "The Bluffton We Never Knew," photo history book now available in several downtown Bluffton businesses.

It's a Bluffton elementary class picture from the 1899-1900 school year taken by Will Triplett. It's Bluffton B Primary No. 2. The teacher is Miss Benroth.

Although the students are not identified, it is very probable that these students could be in the graduating class of 1910.

Graduates from that class follow:
Rosa Amstutz Kline,
Lesta Basinger Hochstettler,
Clarence Biery,
Inez Doty Ringold,
Grace Freet,
Clara Freyman Niswander,
Armin Hauenstein,
Jennie Powell Pease,
Eunah Temple Johnson,
Harold Woods,
Mabel Wyer King.