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May 26, 2020

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Watershed Partnership strategy plan for Tiderishi Creek will develop

The Blanchard River Watershed  Partnership has received word that the U.S. EPA in Chicago has given their final approval to the nine element non-point source implementation strategy plan (NPS-IS Plan) written for the Tiderishi Creek watershed in Hancock County, according to Phil Martin, watershed coordinator.

The EPA requires that there be an approved NPS-IS Plan written for each 12-digit HUC watershed before that watershed can receive federal funding. There are 30 HUC-12 watersheds in the Blanchard River Watershed.

The nine element NPS-IS Plans replace the Watershed Action Plans (WAP) that were required before 2017. The WAP were written at the HUC-10 level. The map below shows the location of the Tiderishi Creek watershed in the Blanchard River Watershed.

One of the goals of the Blanchard River Watershed Partnership is to get approval for at least two NPS-IS Plan each year

The BRWP represents the six counties of the Blanchard River Watershed and is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving water quality through developing citizen involvement and watershed action plans. Volunteers are welcome to join activities at any time.

Learn more about the Blanchard River on the BRWP website at www.BlanchardRiver.org.