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May 27, 2019

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Cory-Rawson HS band in 1986 Bluffton parade

Here's the Cory-Rawson High School band. It's marching in the 1986 Bluffton 125th anniversary parade. Merlin Marshall, director, is with the band, on the left side of the photo.

Merlin's son, John, relates this interesting story about this photo. He says:

"I had forgotten about those beautiful green pants! That was taken on the day of my brother Rick's wedding at Bethel Church on 30, east of 235 outside Ada. That's right, we marched in the parade, went home, cleaned up and got ready for the wedding.  Boy was that a hot day!

"The tall drummer in the front row is Ryan Griggs, and I believe the field commander in gold is Kim Crawford (now Opp) - daughter of  Gary and Nancy Crawford, but I can't be absolutely certain about her.Others I can pick out, in the second row are: Julia Wittenmeyer playing tri-toms, Jim Garmatter and Jim Heldman playing bass drums.

"As I recall, we played an arrangement of "America" in that parade.
(Richard Boehr photo)