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February 22, 2019

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Know anyone in this class photo? It's first graders 1968-69

The teacher is Linda Sommer. The school year is 1968-69 and this is a first grade class, making these students part of the Bluffton High School graduating class of 1980.

Here's Linda's attempt at identification.

Middle row:   ? ,    ? ,  Shawn Smith,   ? ,    Tammy Wideman,  Tom Van Atta,  Peter Yost,  Michelle Smith
Front row:  Janice Sherrick,   ?   ,    Rebecca Searcy,   Letitia Triplett,   ?   ,  Dennis Smith,  ?   ,    ?   ,   ?

Other students I wasn't able to identify include: Duane Neuenschwander, Robert Weyer, Kathy Moser, and Jeffrey Sherman.

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