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February 22, 2019

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When the deep end was 5 feet

Note: The Icon previously posted this photo, but, hey, it's summer, and this one generates some interesting comments.

Beth Carr provided this photo of the Bluffton Community Swimming Pool in its "Buckeye days." Beth was on the swimming pool staff  and now lives in Texas.

This view shows the old pool from the east bank of Marsh Run looking toward the Buckeye. This pool went from about three feet to five or six feet. Beyond that, the Buckeye was roped off for swimming in the east side.

Swim meets were held in the pool.

A swim test was required to swim in the Buckeye. That test involved being able to swim from the bank to the ropes and back. The Buckeye had a low, medium and high diving board. A slide was added later.

The Buckeye had two rafts and you can see them in this photo.

You can also see just the edge of the bath house on the left side. Between the bath house and the Buckeye was a circular "baby pool."