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February 22, 2019

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Three photos from the old pool...and the Buckeye

The Icon has posted these three photo previously, but it's summer and let's go back to the Buckeye.

Here's three views of Buckeye quarry, where swimming was once a Bluffton summer experience. Paul Diller snapped these photos.

The pool was on the east side of the Buckeye. It is included a bath house, baby pool, larger pool going to 6 feet, and the Buckeye quarry for persons who could pass a swim test. The Buckeye had three diving boards.

These photos were taken when the pool was new in the mid-1950s. We base that on seeing the small light blue admission stand on the far right side of the photo. Later the admission stand was removed and a newer entrance to the pool was added.

Note what appears to be a grass area near the Buckeye deck. That area was eventually put in cement.

How did Paul take the view that looks down on the pool? It appears that he was standing on the high diving board, or on a ladder outside the pool fence.

Other Icon viewer observations are welcome (comment at at the bottom of this story.) - Photos from collection of Jim Diller.