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May 27, 2019

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Bluffton Sunbeam Band circa 1910-15

This photos contains some Bluffton viewers' great and possibly great-great-"relatives."

Nearly 10 decades ago, these youngsters performed as the Sunbeam Band under the sponsorship of the Bluffton Lutheran Church.

Although members of the band were drawn from all denominations, the Lutherans sponsored the band because leader Turley Rupright was a member of that congregation.

Sunbeam Band members were:
Front from left, W.A. “Hap” Stratton and Harold Beals.

Second row from left, Geneva (Kerns) Fish, Josephine (Amstutz) Main, Magdalene (Bogart) Swartz, Elizabeth (Baumgartner) Cunningham and Opal (Bezier) Woodworth.

Third row from left, Vivian (Beeshy) Alexander, Harold Bogart, Gladys (Traught) Miller, Turley Rupright, Opal (Traught) Bish, Allen Baumgartner and Helen (Herr) Martin.

Fourth row from left, Margaret (Herr) Clum, Helen (Amstutz) Robinson, Magdalene (Baumgartner) Kauffman.

Top row from left: Rhoda (Stratton) Augsburger and Geraldine (Ewing) Myers.

To help date this photo, Harold Bogart (third row) graduated from Bluffton High School in 1921. W.A. “Hap” Stratton (front row), graduated from BHS in 1925. Harold Beals (front row), graduated from BHS in 1923.