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July 20, 2019

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Who is the teacher?

The Icon seeks answers to these questions?
• Who is the teacher?
• What grade are these students?
• Can you identify any of the students?
• What year was their graduating class?
Leland Gerber took the photo.

Send information to: info@blufftonicon.com

From Alan Begg:

The students in the photo graduated in 1978. Some of the students are:

• boy on bottom 5th in, Bruce Marshal.  
• Second row 1st girl, Beth Frick, Nancy Macfferty (deceased), Bill Little, next 3 boys unknown.  Girl Chris Moser, next boy ? Mark Huber, ? girl.     

• 3rd row. ? girl ? boy Becky Lugibhl, ? boy ? teacher maybe Mrs. Shellenberger. Deb Leiber,? boy Karen Moser, Jeff Kehler.    

                                                           I graduated in 78 also. Not my class though.Guessing 4th grade.