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September 27, 2020

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Citizens National completes $10,000 pledge for Bluffton pathway

The Bluffton Lions Foundation, Inc., receives a $5,000 donation from the Citizen National Bank, Bluffton.

Presenting the check to Dick Ramseyer, president of the Foundation is Steve Ritter, senior VP / Bluffton city executive, Citizens National Bank.  

The check is the final payment of a $10,000 pledge to the Foundation for the new Lions Way Bentley Path between Richland Drive and Riley Street.

Ramseyer said this is the sixth Lions Way pathway built since 2014. In addition, the Lions Way Trail head park was built in 2015.

Ritter added that Citizens National Bank is pleased to partner with the Foundation and the Bluffton pathway board in building the pathway system in Bluffton. 

The master plan was developed in 2009 through joint funding of the Bluffton Lions Club and the Village of Bluffton to produce a guide for future pathway development.

It lays out the vision and long-range planning process to guide engineering and building of the bike-ped paths. Ramseyer added that the Master Plan is helping seek funding from various sources; but it is clear that local funds will be the backbone of completing the Bluffton Bike and Pedestrian Pathways.

"We are thankful for the broad range of community support that is allowing for the continuing development of pathways in Bluffton.," said Ramseyer.

The Bluffton Pathway Board &and Bluffton Lions will continue providing leadership and encouragement for Bluffton pathway development. Plans are being developed for an additional  pathway in 2021-22.