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January 24, 2021

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Main Street Bluffton 1958-59

Did you know that in 1958-59 there was a hotel on the second floor of what is today Reichenbach Steiner CPA?

That's where the "Hotel" sign hangs in this Main Street photo from six decades ago.

We'll allow your mind to wonder up and down Main Street as you check out this photo.

It looks like a 1955 Mercury is parked along the street. We'll consider that every vehicle in the photo was a V-8 lead-gas-only gas gussler.

There's a Western Auto sign, a shoe store sign, Swift's Ice Creme sign, Lennox sign and, yes, a postal box on the corner of Main and Vine (it was a two-way street in 1958. Notice the vehicle parked toward Main).

We welcome other Icon viewer's observations.