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January 24, 2021

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The late Robert Kreider provides 15 images of Riley Creek from the 1930s

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The late Robert Kreider provided 15 images of Riley Creek that he remembered while growing up in Bluffton in the 1930s. Here are five of those images:

• Told of a tribe of gypsies camping along the creek for a day under a weeping willow tree, fashioning chairs and baskets from the willowy branches.

• Gordon Alderfer telling how near that spot old Mr. Thut met long ago a Shawnee Indian who had walked from Oklahoma to see this land where he once camped.

• Big Riley looping through town past the light plant quarry where in winter Mr. Hankish cut ice, Harmon Field, the town dump, Read-Rite Meter, the National Quarry, an abandoned brewery, the Buckeye and off into open farmland.

• By a crumbling stone fence up Little Riley Creek, Karl and I trapped for muskrats, caught two, skinned them and mailed their pelts to Sears Roebuck for income of 75 cents.

• Reflections are more like the crick with thoughts one after another, tumbling over the rocks. Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.

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