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April 14, 2021

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Bluffton's Woodcock power plant

Jim Diller shared this photo of Bluffton's Woodcock power plant with the Icon. It was originally a color slide taken by his father, Paul.

For viewers who may be unaware, the site of John's Body Shop on Lake Street was once a coal-fired power plant. It was razed in the 1980s.

The photographer captured the plant and the trees in a perfect reflection in the National Quarry on a summer afternoon.

You can see wisps of smoke coming from the stack. Notice that when this photo was takem the bank of the quarry were clear of brush, unlike today. There's also the remains of a building no longer standing on the east side of the quarry, near the rail road tracks.

At its busiest stage, the Woodcock plant required 11 coal cars per day. The plant did not supply Bluffton with power, as the village had its own power plant.