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Welcome to Icon clue hunt number 1


Welcome to The Icon clue hunber number one. It's a test run. No prizes. It's a prototype to work out the kinks. We invite Icon viewers to try this clue hunt, react to us and in early 2010 we will launch a hunt on a regular basis with prizes. So, imagine there are prizes for this one, try it and see how it works.

Yeah, we will list everyone who enters this contest. So, there is a prize, so to speak. Here's how it works. We've listed one easy phrase found in each of the advertiser's home pages. All you do is click on the ad and find the answer. Record you answers and respond to [email protected].

Please provide any suggestions for improving this clue hunt. Here goes. Which advertiser's home page states:

1 -Just for kids

2 - ...for all occasions!

3 - Bluffton is centrally located in ...

4 - We'll help you find your...

5 - Buy*Sell*Trade

6 - Come join the energy of life

7 - 1170 Shawnee Road

8 - Building our community

9 - 419-358-1141

10 - High impact...

Remember, e-mail your answers to: [email protected]

Answers coming soon.