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Roof on new emergency department at hospital nearing completion

The roof on the new emergency department at Bluffton Hospital is nearing completion. Several other projects at the worksite are underway this week. The list follows:

New Emergency Department
. The installation of the roof is nearing completion
. Fireproofing is underway
. Temporary windows are being installed to enclose the area for winter
. The air handlers for the Emergency Department and Surgery areas are being prepared to use for heat this winter
. Brick installation continues as exterior walls are constructed
. Steel for the Emergency Department canopy is being installed
. Work continues on metal studs, exterior eyebrow and dens glass installation

Lot behind the existing hospital
. Concrete pads to hold the propane and oxygen tanks have been poured. The concrete pad for the new generator will be poured this week
. The concrete curb and temporary sidewalk from the concrete lot have been poured.

New Surgery Area
. Ductwork and electrical conduits continue to be installed
. Metal stud and drywall work continues for interior walls
. For your safety and the safety of our contractors, all associates and visitors should refrain from entering the work site at any time without prior authorization and without appropriate safety equipment. Tours of the construction site must be scheduled and must be conducted by a construction team escort.

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