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34.3 inches of snowfall so far in 2011

So far in 2011 we've experienced 34.3 inches of snowfall. But after a while, who's counting?

Guy Verhoff, Pandora weather observer, released the February weather report. During the second month of the year we had 18.3 inches of snowfall. In January we had 16 inches.

Here are some additional figures:

February's average temperature is 27.2 degrees
February 2011 average maximum temperature: 35.4 degrees
February 2011 average minimum temperature: 19.0 degrees
February's highest reading: 54 degrees on Feb. 28
February's lowest reading: minus 10 on Feb. 10
February precipitation: 4.41 inches
February snowfall: 18.3 inches
February's highest snowfall in one day: 5.8 inches on 25th