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Roll Over America rolls into Bluffton and out again - on their way from Oregon to Washington, D.C.

A rider in one of the velomobiles that passed through Bluffton on Aug. 20

Who were those guys up at Common Grounds at noon on Friday with those strange-looking vehicles?

Short answer: Roll Over America

Longer answer: Neraly 35 velomobiles in the first-ever tour across the United States. The "vehicles" are actually tricycles designed for commuting to work. The vehicles are described as "ultra-efficient bicycles." The drivers started in Portland, Oregon, on their way to Washington, D.C.

They are taking the back roads including the Lincoln Highway on their journey of speeds up to 30 miles per hour. The group had originally planned to stay at the Bluffton, Ind., KOA, but it was closed, so they decided to head to another Bluffton - the one in Ohio. It was here where they caused quite a stir while they ate lunch.

Depending upon the model, these vehicles range in the neighorhood of $10,000 each.

Click here for a video of their Bluffton visit.