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October 20, 2021

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Sheriff's Department investigating scam in Beaverdam

Victim accused of tax fraud

FROM THE ALLEN COUNTY SHERIFF - The Allen County Sheriff’s Office has an open investigation regarding a scam that occurred in Beaverdam. 

The victim reported she was contacted by someone using the phone number 202-455-5956 who claimed to be from the Legal Affairs Department and accused her of tax fraud.

The victim reported she told the caller she had not received any paperwork regarding this.  A short time later and while still speaking with the man on the phone there was a knock on her door.

The victim reported there was a uniformed officer there who showed her a white piece of paper that had her name on it and claimed she had a warrant for her arrest.  This man was described as being a white male  approximately six feet tall and weighing between 180 and 200 pounds.

The officer was reported to be in a brown uniform with a gold shield type of badge and not a star. The man’s duty gear was nylon and had a radio and flash light attached. 

The victim could not tell if the man had a gun or not and stated he had turned to the side  and she was unable to see his hip.

The victim reported the man was driving an unmarked black sedan with tinted windows. The victim reported the vehicle had a yellow license plate similar to Ohio OVI plates but the numbers were written in black instead of red.

Eventually the man on the phone told the victim to follow the man in the uniform to Findlay to resolve the matter.   

The victim eventually did this and followed the man to the area of Best Buy where she finally determined this was a scam.