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$11.8 million in Bluffton construction permits issued in 2021

Eleven commercial, 52 residential building permits in 2021

The Village of Bluffton reported a total of $11.8 million in construction permits in 2021, with the $10 million Knowlton Science Center comprising the lion’s share of that figure. (see attached chart for details)

The commercial-residential split was $10,061,347.55 commercial construction, $ 1,786,193.62 residential construction. The following list ranks key commercial construction:

Owner, cost estimate

Bluffton University science center, $10,000,000.00

Bluffton Presbyterian Church accessory building (gazebo), $40,771.00

Southgate Lanes volleyball court and patio $17,000.00

Spectrum Salon accessory building, $6,434.00

Blanchard Valley Health System sign $1,748.00

Village of Bluffton gaga ball pit, $900.00

Beacon Life Ministries sign, $ 576.55


Residential construction included five new homes, with estimated costs ranging from $240 thousand to $344 thousand. Other residential permits were for these construction types: accessory building, addition, ADA ramp, covered porch, curb cut, deck, driveway, fence, flag pole, garage, pool, retaining wall, shed, sidewalk, solar panels. 

A Building and Zoning Permit Application is required for any property improvement that exceeds $1,000.00 in cost and/or alters the exterior structure of a property, including fences. Applications must be approved by the Mayor prior to work commencing. The application fee is $10.00. Assistant Village Administrator Bryan Lloyd is the designated Zoning Administrator and can assist with applications and answer questions regarding the Village’s Zoning regulations.

Prior years’ construction permit totals

2020 - Eighty permits totalling $4.4 million

2019 - Fifty-two permits totalling $2.4 million

2018 - Sixty-five permits totalling $13.6 million 

2017 - Forty-six permits totalling $1.7 million


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