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Summary of June 23 Board of Education meeting

The Bluffton Board of Education met for a regular meeting on the evening of June 23 at the Elementary School media center, 102 S. Jackson St. All members of the board were present: President Larry Hoffman, Brad Dailey, Roni Kaufman, Wes Klinger and Jeremy Scoles.

The full packet with agenda and supporting details is attached.

Action during the meeting included approval of the minutes of the May 16, 2022 regular meeting and May 31, 2022 treasurer's financial and investment reports.

During the public comment segment, new third grade teacher Caleb Garmon was introduced. He previously taught at Liberty-Benton Schools.

Actions included unanimous approval of the following presented by treasurer Paula Parish:

  • Bluffton Public Library Budget dated May 31, 2022 for the year starting January 1, 2023
  • Temporary appropriation modifications. Permanent appropriations will be adopted in July.
  • Payment for 2022-2023 transportation of pupils to private schools. The amount calculated by the Ohio Department of Education is $538.55.
  • Fund Adjustments
    • Ocean Focus Fund be increased $2,450.00 due to increased revenue
    • Athletic Tournament Fund be increased $600.00 due to additional revenue received 
    • Class of 2022 Fund be increased $1,689.68 due to increased revenue
  • Amended Certificate of Estimated Resources Revision #4 from the Allen County 
  • Textbook Disposal of third grade social studies textbooks, which won’t be replaced.

The board authorized the superintendent to negotiate and arrange special transportation for low-incidence handicapped students for 2022-2023.

The board approved the Transportation Routing Plan for 2022-2023 school year with regular drivers: Adrienne Gossard, DeAnn Scott, Robin McDowell, Brian Goldsberry, Jon (Jay) Stratton, Steven Hardesty, Deborah Hilty, and substitute drivers Joshua Kauffman, Stephen Lemley, Kevin King, Donald Leader, Daniel Lee, William McClain, Mike Wilson, Alex Hanna, Brian Hilty, and Steve Zimmerly. 

The board approved renewing membership with the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding at a cost of $594.50. This is a lobbying group to help to inform legislators about school funding.

The board approved the breakfast and lunch prices for the 2022-2023 school year and adopting the required nutrition standards. 

Breakfast Prices: Elementary, Middle School and High School Adults - $1.50 $2.00 

Lunch Prices: Elementary School Middle School High School Adults - $2.50 $2.50 $2.75 $3.75 

Meals were free last year. Prices have been the same since 2013 and there will likely be a change next year due to inflation. Students who qualify for free lunches can fill out a form (thru Final Forms).

The board approved a donation of $150.00  from American Legion Post 382 for Bluffton High School Band, which participated in the Memorial Day Parade.

The board accepted resignations from Megan Quinton, Elementary teacher; Addie Kiene, high school intervention specialist; Barbara Scott, part-time cafeteria worker; and Don Prowant, a custodian who is retiring after working for the schools for 18 years.

The board approved contracts for Caleb Garmon, Teacher; Jon (Jay) Stratton, Bus Driver; Jacquelyn Busch, Substitute Custodian.

The board approved student teachers (2022-2023): Jared Breece, Bowling Green State University; McKayla Curry,  Bowling Green State University; Lilly Tate, Bluffton University.

The board approved contracts for 

  • Elementary Summer Academy: Karen McCauley, Emily Ellerbrock, Julie Garmatter, Tami Hardy, Barbara Maag, Kimberly Fritsch, Jaime Shaw
  • Elementary Substitutes for Summer Academy: Brandie Bogart, Regena Mummert, Jaime Shaw Christine McCafferty, Heidi Steiner, Ryan Dunlap.
  • High School Summer School Jessica Mayberry 
  • The board approved hour increases for DeAnn Scott, Bus Driver (2022-23 Apollo route) 
  • The board approved Seasonal/Casual Contracts: Zachary Wilson, John Hicks; and Supplemental Contracts (2022-2023): Assistant High School Football - Bradley Jones; Volunteer Assistant High School Football - Zachery Kohli; Volunteer Assistant Middle School Football - Hunter Joseph; 7th Grade Volleyball - Rachel Diller; Volunteer Assistant Golf - Michael Minnig; Girl's Tennis - Jennifer Allgire 

The board approved the following policy updates with no major changes made:

  • Evaluation of Professional Staff 
  • Administration of Federal Grant Funds 
  • Purchasing Procedures 
  • Student Conduct on District Managed Transportation 
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education 
  • Educational Options 
  • Career Advising 
  • Testing Programs
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support 
  • No Tobacco Use on District Property 

The board approved a contract with SORSA for fleet, property, and liability insurance in the school district effective July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. The local agent is Fawcett, Lammon, Recker & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc. The cost is $66,926.00, an increase of about 6%. 


Mike Minnig, High School principal:

  • Good end of year
  • Over 200 students on the honor roll
  • Great graduation
  • Ocean Focus students returned last week; pleased that a hurricane did not prove to be an issue
  • Track finished the year well; Boys were 4th in state; 1 girl competed in pole vault at state; 4 school records were broken
  • Custodians and tech staff are busy getting ready for next year.
  • Looking forward to seeing work done on the high school kitchen

Josh Kaufman, Middle School principal

  • Painting on 2nd floor is almost complete
  • A couple more interactive TVs to be delivered
  • Larger classes are coming from 5th grade
  • Bus inspections will take place on June 27. Next year there is only one driver change
  • Learning how to create transportation with Final Forms
  • Blessed to have 17 drivers for 7 routes

Ben Thiel, Elementary School principal

  • SMART week was enjoyed by students. Field day was rescheduled due to weather
  • Video of Ryan Dunlap taking on kids in inflatables
  • 4th-5th grade weather canceled field day at the university track; had inflatables indoors
  • Summer academy getting scheduled; currently 44 students; inviting more; will probably never reach capacity
  • Playground will have two full size basketball courts; two at 8 feet, two at 10 feet
  • CCIP (Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan) getting wrapped up

Greg Denecker, Superintendent of Bluffton Exempted Village School District

  • Classrooms and restrooms receiving deep cleaning
  • Missy Smith’s guidance office at the elementary school is being prepared

At 7:55 p.m. the board went into Executive Session to discuss yearly evaluation of the Treasurer and Superintendent, and the employment of personnel.