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Bluffton through the eyes of Chicago journalist Arruza

By Paula Scott

Have you known Bluffton long enough to become immune its charms or blind to its faults? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum?

Chicago-based journalist Eddie Arruza recently visited the village and has created two videos about Bluffton. His interest in Bluffton gives us an opportunity to see the town through fresh eyes.

Arruza's first Bluffton video is "a preliminary view of a not dying, lovely, small Ohio town." With crisp drone footage and beautiful summer weather, it is the music video equivalent of a walk down Main Street.

The second video introduces viewers to Bluffton's National Night Out with interviews with Lieutenant Matt Oglesbee and Mayor Rich Johnson, among others. This is a popular community event that gives families a chance to meet members of the local police, fire, EMS, highway patrol and park rangers. In a city, the event might not be a blip on the community radar. In Bluffton, the streets are noticably quieter during National Night Out.

Aruzza is in northwest Ohio because he spent part of his childhood down the road in Sidney. Following a career including work on Chicago public television, he has created his own production company. His Twitter feed includes recent photographs of impressive early 20th century buildings in Sidney. 

Will Arruza be back in Bluffton? We'll keep you posted.


Bluffton, OH August 2022

Bluffton, Ohio National Night Out August 2, 2022

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