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Letter: Library trustees express support for reinstallation of traffic signal at Main and College

January 24, 2023 

To Whom It May Concern, 

In light of renewed community concerns about pedestrian safety at the intersection of College Avenue and Main Street, the members of the Bluffton Library Board would like to publicly express our support for a traffic signal at that intersection. We applaud the past efforts of Paula Scott and others who have diligently worked to improve the situation. However, we believe that the return of a traffic signal is the safest solution. On behalf of our patrons and other community members, we fully support any efforts to reinstall a traffic light at this intersection. 

Thank you, 

Members of the Bluffton Library Board 

Robert Beer, President 

Nancy Yeager, Vice President 

Carrie Phillips, Secretary 

Amy Mikesell 

Robert Scott 

Chanda Smith