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Cory-Rawson HS 2024 Solo & Ensemble results

On Saturday, January 27, members of the Cory-Rawson band & choir participated in the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) Solo & Ensemble Adjudicated Events held at St. Mary’s Memorial High School. The following students received Superior (I) and Excellent (II) ratings: 

Superior Ensembles 

Woodwind Choir 

Jacob Egts, Jaylin Patterson, Asia Boehm, Emma Garrison, Kathleen Mason, Cori Welch, Hannah Reese, Marissa Wannemacher, Dominique Moon, Natalie Waltz, Hank Walters, Cayden Olivarez, Brent Cavin, Spencer Girdler 

Percussion Ensemble 

Nathaniel Gregorowicz, Blake Boehm, Jackson Bauman, Mason Fruth, Zane Runion-Niese, Ethan Schimmoeller, Troy Downing, Anthony Grabow 

Trumpet Trio 

Kenzie Wellington, Hunter Foust, Madi Boehm 

Clarinet Trio 

Emma Garrison, Kathleen Mason, Natalie Waltz 


Excellent Ensembles 

Brass Choir 

Kenzie Wellington, Hunter Foust, Madi Boehm, Wyatt Foust, Kaitlyn Campbell, Tyler Egts, Kennidy Stanfield, Haden Johnson, Noel Yeboah, Ashton Powell, Caleb Goldsberry, Levi Biery 

Trumpet Quartet 

Kenzie Wellington, Hunter Foust, Madi Boehm, Wyatt Foust 


Superior Solos

Kenzie Wellington (Class A) trumpet, (Class B) euphonium 

Jacob Egts (Class A) flute 

Kathleen Mason (Class B) clarinet, (Class C)vocal 

Nathaniel Gregorowicz (Class B) snare 

Spencer Girdler (Class B) tenor saxophone 

Hannah Fornof (Class C) vocal 

Hunter Foust (Class B) trumpet 

Wyatt Foust (Class C) trumpet 

Tyler Egts (Class C) trumpet 

Natalie Waltz (Class B) bass clarinet 

Excellent Solos: 

Madi Boehm (Class B) trumpet 

Emma Garrison (Class C) clarinet 

Mackenzi Welch, (Class C) vocal