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Blanchard Valley Health System

Weekend Doctor: Finding purpose in retirement

By Christian Steiner, MD, Psychiatric Center of Northwest Ohio

We work hard through a 30-plus year career. We contribute to 401k or look forward to that pension. Retirement happens and then we feel freedom and bliss right? Not necessarily.

Recent studies have shown as much as a 40 percent increase in depression after retirement. That daily grind we put in for years was difficult, sometimes we put in blood, sweat and tears while working long and tedious hours. However, that job gave us a sense of purpose and meaning. 

Bluffton Hospital reduces COVID testing requirements and services

At the time of this announcement, Allen County was downgraded from High to Substantial COVID transmission level.

Due to the decline of COVID-19 cases within the community, Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) will be making changes to current COVID-19 testing sites and testing requirements.

BVHS will no longer require COVID-19 testing prior to having a surgery or procedure completed at the Findlay campus, Bluffton campus and the Findlay Surgery Center.

Weekend Doctor: Mental health impacts of COVID

By Ami Orr, MD, Blanchard Valley Pediatrics

The mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt by nearly everyone in our community. During the past two years, the Family Resource Center of Northwest Ohio has seen a 21 percent increase in adult mental health evaluations and a seven percent increase in pediatric mental health evaluations. Forty percent of local adults have reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. Nationwide, up to one-third of adults with mental health diagnoses have been unable to access adequate mental health support during the pandemic. These effects are not limited to those suffering from mental illnesses. Large percentages of those caring for people with mental illnesses are also suffering from symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Burnout amongst first responders and essential personnel is endemic. 

BVHS Auxiliary Scholarship Application Period Now Open Online

The Blanchard Valley Health System Auxiliary Scholarship application process is now open and available online to students in the Hancock County area, planning to pursue a health-related career or field of study.

The purpose of the Auxiliary Scholarship is to financially assist local high school seniors in pursuing a health-related career. Monies for the scholarship fund are derived from the annual membership dues of members of the Auxiliary. The number of scholarships awarded annually will depend on the amount contributed by Auxiliary members.

Blanchard Valley Health System adjusts visitation guidelines 

Effective Monday, February 21, 2022, Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) is adjusting its visitation guidelines, which will lessen the restrictions on visitors coming into the organization. This change is due to the observed reduction of positive COVID-19 cases within the community.  

Please see the link for the health system’s updated guidelines:

Weekend Doctor: Bunions

By Lance Johnson, DPM, Blanchard Valley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

A bunion (also known as hallux abducto valgus) is a bump on the inside of your foot at the big toe joint. The bump is not an enlarged bone, but rather an abnormal bend of the first metatarsal bone on the inside of your foot. In addition to the bump, the big toe also begins to drift toward the other toes, which can cause them to bend as well. Bunions can be hereditary, they can develop overtime due to biomechanical issues of the foot, they can be caused by systemic medical issues or they can be caused secondary to trauma to the big toe joint.