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Weekend Doctor: Toddler snack tactics

By Ericca Lovegrove, RD, LD
Center for Healthy Weight and Nutrition
Nationwide Children’s Hospital

For toddlers, snacking is a very important part of the day. Unlike adults, they need to eat more frequently to maintain their energy levels. Healthy snacks help control toddler hunger while providing a nutritious boost, but how can parents ensure their little ones will still be hungry for dinner after a day of snacking? Here are some tips to help structure your toddler’s diet and not spoil their dinners.

Weekend Doctor: Continuous glucose monitoring

By Thomas Grace, MD, Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialists of Northwest Ohio 

CGM stands for Continuous Glucose Monitoring, the newest and best way for people with diabetes to monitor their glucose levels. Simply put, a CGM is a patch that you can wear on your skin that allows the user to see their blood glucose level consistently, in real time. Someone with diabetes would be able to track what is happening to their glucose level continuously throughout the day. Not only do these devices show blood glucose readings, but they also provide predictive trends to show users where their blood glucoses are headed. Unlike the traditional glucometers on the market, you do not have to poke your finger, which is painful and burdensome.  

Weekend Doctor: Facts and myths about ticks

By Julie Schloemer, MD, Blanchard Valley Medical Associates

Now that the weather is warmer and you may be spending more time outdoors, it’s a great time to brush up on your knowledge about ticks and preventing tickborne illnesses. Below are some facts and myths about ticks.

Fact: Repellants containing only DEET are not sufficient to deter ticks

Look for clothing treated with permethrin or tick-repellant sprays containing permethrin which can kill ticks on contact.

BVHS Auxiliary Gives to Organization’s Hospitals

The Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) Auxiliary and Volunteer Services recently made significant contributions to Blanchard Valley Hospital (BVH) and Bluffton Hospital, respectively.

In support of its mission to serve BVHS and the community, the Auxiliary presented a check for $86,000 to the BVH emergency room. The emergency room will use these funds to purchase medical equipment such as a glideslope, a scope with a camera; a rapid infuser, which administers ten times faster than a normal IV pump and five additional patient stretchers.  

Weekend Doctor: Cough talk

By Terry Barber, MD, Medical Director of off-site Urgent Care Centers, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Right now, there is probably at least one person in your household that has a cough. Coughs are often associated with the common cold and there is little you can do, other than try to ease the symptoms. However, a lot of coughing, especially in babies under four months old, could be a sign of a serious illness.

Weekend Doctor: Baby's skull development

By Andrea Sattler, MD, Primary Care Pediatrics, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

*Through a collaboration between Blanchard Valley Health System and Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the content of this article was provided courtesy of Nationwide’s 700 Children’s® blog by pediatric experts.