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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

PRP is the abbreviation for platelet rich plasma. PRP is obtained from one’s own blood and injected into other areas of the body to trigger a “healing” process. Platelets are cells in our blood that are part of the clotting and healing process of our body. During the healing process, platelets organize and create mild inflammation. During inflammation, platelets release enzymes that attract stem cells and growth factors. This is done to help repair damaged tissue.

5 tips for people with allergies considering the COVID-19 vaccine

People with medication allergies or a history of allergic reactions are often wary of trying new medications or vaccines. When initial reports of reaction to COVID-19 vaccines came out, experts gathered to determine how to best counsel patients with a history of allergies regarding weighing the risk versus benefits of the vaccine. Current Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for people with a history of allergic reaction to vaccines or injectable medications is to consider a consultation with an Allergist/Immunologist prior to vaccination.

BVHS updates covid-19 guidelines

As COVID-19 guidelines change, Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) will continue to work in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) while providing healthcare services to the community.

“Masks will still be required at all BVHS locations until further notice,” said Roxanne Williams, MSN, RN, CHC, CPHQ, director of corporate quality, associate and patient safety.

No vaccinations given June 3 at Bluffton Hospital

COVID-19 vaccinations for pediatric patients of Blanchard Valley Medical Practices (BVMP) who are 12 years of age and older will not take place today (Thursday, June 3) at Bluffton Hospital.

Persons who had appointments scheduled for June 3 will be notified by the hospital for a rescheduled appointment.


Hearing Aids

“These hearing aids don’t work!”  I bet most of us have heard that from someone at one time or another.  Hearing aids have gotten a bad rap for years.  However, there are actually scores of people who successfully wear hearing aids and wouldn’t want to be without them.  Hearing aid manufacturers continually work to improve their size and technology.  Most hearing aids are barely noticeable now, as they are quite discreet and blend in with hair/skin tones.  What most people don’t understand, however, is that hearing aids are like “mini computers” that are worn in or behind their ears.  As wi

Vaccinations available in Bluffton for those 12 and up

Offered to pediatric patients of Blanchard Valley Medical Practices

COVID-19 vaccinations are now being offered for pediatric patients of Blanchard Valley Medical Practices (BVMP) who are 12 years of age and older.

Beginning Thursday, June 3, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., clinics will be held at Bluffton Hospital for BVMP pediatric patients.

The vaccination clinics are only open to those who are (BVMP) pediatric patients. Vaccines will not be administered to any pediatric patients who do not meet the specific age guidelines.

To become a BVMP pediatric patient, or to schedule your child with a physician, please call 419.422.APPT.