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October 20, 2021

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Bluffton Council/School Board

Village will continue with Anthem BC/BC

Village employees' pay raises listed in packet

Bluffton council's approved a recommendation from its insurance committee   to continue its employee insurance agreement with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield through April 30, 2022.

The action took place on March 8. Jerry Cupples said that Fortman Insurance provided six base rate quotes from competitive companies and the committee chose to remain with Anthem.

In other action, council set pay increases for village employees. Those are spelled out in the council packet attached to this story.

Sign language

Bluffton council focus on signage in 2021-2-3

Note: Bluffton council will begin meeting in person in the town hall in March.
One of Bluffton council’s focus in 2021 is village signage.

A report of council’s street, lights, alley and sidewalk committee offered several ideas for this year during council’s Feb. 22 meeting.

The focus includes:
• Begin a parking regulations sign replacement program with the aim to complete all streets, with a concentration in the area of the schools by the end of summer 2021.

Lots of committee reports

Bluffton council reviews a 10-year capital improvement proposal

Bluffton council saw a proposed 10-year capital improvement plan for the village during Monday’s council meeting. A chart accompanying this story shows details of the plan.

It involves several street make-overs including portions of Jefferson Street, Bentley Road, East Elm, Riley Street, State Route 103 corridor, Main Street lights and trash cans, street signs and yearly street maintenance.

School board: Spring-fall supplemental coaching contracts

And approval of amounts and rates from property tax on Monday's agenda

Bluffton school board will act on offering supplemental contracts to spring and some fall athletic coaches when it meets on Monday.

The list of contracts is at the bottom of this story.

Other action includes approving the amounts and rates required from property taxes, already approved by the Allen County budget commission and Allen County auditor’s estimated tax rates.

Several additional items are on Monday’s agenda and the agenda is attached at the bottom of this story.

30 degrees outside, but let's talk about the swimming pool

Village park and recreation committee recommends wages and rates for 2021

It's 30 degrees, or less, outside, but Bluffton council’s park and recreation committee has the swimming pool on its mind.

Committee members Ben Stahl and Mitch Kingsley presented several recommends to council, which were approved on Feb. 8. The recommendations came from a Feb. 3 committee meeting with Jennifer Wilson, pool manager.

Several actions involve establishing positions, wages and rates for the 2021 season. Those amounts are attached below this story. There will be no admission price increases in 2021.

Village hopes for additional FAA funding for airport in 2021

New electrical aggregation contract is lower than previous contract

The village of Bluffton submitted a pre-application to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the design and construction phases of work at the Bluffton Airport in 2021, according to Jesse Blackburn, village administrator.

He updated Bluffton council on the project at its Feb. 8 Zoom meeting.

The pre-application is for reconstruction of taxi lanes C, E, and F for 2021.