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September 19, 2021

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An Amstutz, Neuenschwander, Suter and Luginbuhl connection

Our Swiss connection - part 23

This is the 23rd installment in this series. Click here for the previous installment.

This column follows Anna Amstutz, born in Switzerland to Michael Amstutz and Barbara Lehman Amstutz.

Her first husband, Christian Neuenschwander, died at an early age. Anna’s second husband, Johannes Suter, also died at an early age. Anna’s third husband was David C. Luginbuhl. David was married twice before he married Anna.

Anna died at age 41 on April 10, 1858.


COVID-19: What are the odds?

Hardin County is at 111.6 cases per 100,000 people

By Karen Kier
Pharmacist on behalf of the ONU HealthWise team

The number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in the United States, globally, and in Ohio. 

On April 15, 2021, the US reported 74,374 new COVID-19 cases with 2,164 from Ohio and four from Hardin County. This week Ohio contributed 2.9% of the country’s cases. 

Hancock County is in the top five reported counties in Ohio with 304.8 new cases per 100,000 people and Allen County is reporting 160.2 per 100,000. 


Icon columnist says: "I’ve had writer’s block lately"

In our culture, it’s very common to feel shame when we are not productive, but I know that my self worth should not depend on how much I produce

By Amelia Alexander
Lately I’ve been feeling like an impostor and a failure. The other day, I was being incredibly negative and one of my friends kindly pointed out that I should be all about the growth mindset, considering I have written an entire article about it.

I was feeling embarrassed because he was completely correct. I was being a hypocrite, and I felt very disconnected from the “good writer” people have told me that I am.

I’ve been struggling to write, and the feeling of being stuck has seeped its way into other aspects of my life. 


Forgotten Bluffton: When did the telephone arrive here?

The switchboard was on the second floor of the Twisted Whisk Cafe building

When did the telephone arrive in Bluffton?

According to accounts in early issues of the Bluffton News, on Aug. 22, 1898, Bluffton’s council granted John Amstutz the right to construct a telephone and telegraph "plant" in Bluffton.

Amstutz was granted this free of charge, and also granted the use of all but a few of the posts and poles used in operating the town’s new light system.

The telephone rates were to be uniform, not exceeding $30 per year for business houses, firms and offices, nor $18 per year for private residences.


Peter and Barbara Schumacher Steiner

Our Swiss connection - part 22

This is the 22nd installment in this series. Click here for the previous installment.

Peter Steiner came to America with his parents Christian and Katharina Luginbuhl Steiner in 1835. Click here for a  previous column in this series featuring his brother and sister-in-law, John F. and Barbara Habegger Steiner.


Forgotten Bluffton: The story of our school system

Where was the first school building? What became of it? The answers may surprise you

We naturally take for granted that there was always a school system in our community.

But, have you ever wondered how it was first organized? Where were the buildings? What became of them? How did we end with two buildings, now an elementary and middle school on Jackson Street and a high school on Jackson and College Avenue.

We’ll provide the long answer to these questions, and it will take several columns to complete  the story.