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September 19, 2021

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Icon book review: The Four Winds

Robert McCool writes: "This new book exhibits the power of her prose that's present that's in all of her writing"

Review by Robert McCool
Kristin Hannah does  it again.

I've gone back and read every one of Kristin Hannah's (The Nightingale, The Great Alone) novels, and this new book exhibits the power of her prose that's present that's in all of her writing.

In “The Four Winds” (ISBN 978-1-64358-823-0) the strength of her protagonist is the strength exhibited in all of her female characters. The strength to carry the weight the world, and sometimes that means the whole family, upon her shoulders.


Christian Sr., and Magdalena Steiner Suter

Our Swiss connection - part 21

This is the 21st installment in this series. Click here for the previous installment. 

This column’s focus is Christian Sr., and Magdalena Steiner Suter and their children, with a special emphasis on the family of their son, Christian, Jr., and his wife, Anna Basinger Suter.


COVID vaccines: Will Novavax be next?

A welcome sign as we continue to fight this pandemic

By Christian Stang
Student Pharmacist with Karen Kier
Pharmacist on behalf of ONU HealthWise

As we move into the early months of spring 2021, things look quite different than they had a year ago. 

The masking and social distancing has stuck around (and rightfully so), but we are moving forward with the goal of regaining that sense of normalcy that may mean something different for each one of us.


Icon music review: Five songs people wanted to cancel 

Including “Puff The Magic Dragon” by Peter, Paul, And Mary?

Reviewed/Written by Craig Hoffman 
“Let’s cancel it!” A polarizing phrase that appears to be a product of the social climate and times in which we live.

Everything from TV shows, movies, books, and, yes, music is now under the microscope of the “woke” public eye. But in music, songs and artists meeting with criticism for their so-called lack of a moral compass is nothing new. 

Here’s a look at five iconic songs that people wanted to say sayonara to, despite the issues they sing about remaining front and center in 2021. 


Forgotten Bluffton: Where is the earliest settled section of our village?

And, why is Main Street laid out northeast to southwest?

Where is the earliest settled section of Bluffton?

The map accompanying this story answers that question.

Bluffton was incorporated as a village in 1861, but it was 23 years prior to that, in 1838, when the first lots for the village were platted.

Joseph DeFord platted these lots. And, five years before that, in 1833, DeFord built the first home in what is now Bluffton – it was a log cabin. The mural in the Bluffton post office depicts a scene of the cabin under construction.


You are what you eat

This saying also goes for the information that we consume

By Amelia Alexander
We live in an age of information, but unfortunately, we also live in an era of misinformation. 

 Fake news spreads like wildfire. Fake news is information that is false or completely misleading that is presented as news. Fake news travels about 6 times faster than regular news on social media. This is extremely concerning.