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Dave Risser Salad Dressing

Note: Dave Risser operated a restaurant in Pandora several decades ago. This is rumored to be the house dressing.

6 oz. sugar

6 oz. vinegar

2 teaspoons garlic salt

*(or 1/8 teaspoon Original Ranch Salad Dressing)

Mix ingredients and bring to a boil, disolving to clear. Then add 6 oz. vegetable oil.

Other options:

Add 4 teaspoons salt

Add 2 teaspoons garlic salt

Add other herbs of your choice


Best ham loaf east of anywhere

Bluffton ham loaf

Note: I grew up thinking that every kitchen had a metal manual meat grinder that attached to the kitchen table. I didn't realize until I looked for the meat grinder in our present home that one didn't come with the house. So, to create this ham loaf, unless you have such a meat grinder, you'll have to stop in at The Dough Hook and ask for the ham loaf already ground. I've asked several meat cutters in larger super markets to grind a pound of ham and a pound of pork. The result of this request was a blank stare.


Climate change has little to do with belief

Whether you believe in climate change or not does not really matter much despite the conventional thinking. The warming of the Earth's temperature is increasing regardless of what anyone mentally believes. The polar ice caps are melting into extinction without the support or non-support of American public opinion polls. Nature in its most expressive and basic form does not listen to our opinions, wishes, or beliefs. It simply does what it does without regard to our politics.


17 Again: Movie Review

Have you ever wished that you could go back to high school? Chances are that isn't something that's high on your list of priorities in life. But what if you were given the chance to start over? What if you could go back to your teenage years, knowing what you do now, and fix the things you think you did wrong? Well, this is the idea behind the new movie, "17 again," released on DVD in August.