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Letters: I like your website


I really like your web site. Just read the info on Julia Lucas Curtis. Hope you can add lots more like this over time.

You might start with adding a special column just for Bluffton's most senior citizens, like Mrs Patterson. She's 99 and still has a sharp mind full of memories, if not recorded soon will be lost.

I think of others that have passed away that should have had their stories recorded, like Herb Conrad, and Maurice Fett just to mention 2.

K. M. Zimmerman


Letter: Delighted with The Icon

Nice isn't exactly the word I would use. Delighted might be more accurate. After a going through a period without relevant news and your musings, Chris saw a note about Bluffton Icon at the Food Store.

We looked it up and have been enjoying reestablishing a connection with town. Only 4 miles away and there 3-5 times a week, we still miss out on the "goings on" without real "reporting".

We are delighted you have set this up.
Tim McCarthy


Letters: It was a real sharp '49 Kaiser



Letter: Concerned about respect for flag

I am an Air Force veteran and a member of the Bluffton American Legion. I am very proud of my service to my country as well as very proud of my country the United States of America.

I marched in the High School homecoming parade and was appalled at the disrespect of our flag. Most men left their hats on and women and children paid no attention as the flag of our nation passed. I guess it was more fun to talk and have fun while the flag is passing.


Viewers express opinions on stop lights

The following views have been expressed by persons voting on the poll on the home page. The poll asks: What do you think about having only two stop lights on Main Street?"