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Post-prom meeting March 28 at BHS

All Bluffton High School Junior Class parents are invited to a Post-Prom Planning Meeting on Monday, March 28, at 6:30 p.m. in the High School Cafeteria. Parents who would like to be involved but are unable to attend this meeting are asked to contact Susan Liska.


Historical sesquicentennial "ball' planned June 25 at The Centre

Bluffton's historical sesquicentennial ball will be held from 7 to 10 p.m., Saturday, June 25, at The Centre.

"Look through your wardrobe and find some period pieces or perhaps you can sew or rent a costume. Any era will do from the 186's through 2000.,"said Beverly Amstutz of the planning committee.

There will be an 1860 instrumental group, beautiful decorations, and dancing. Also refreshments and all for $10 per person.

"Ask your friends and relatives to attend this fabulous representation of an era from our past," she said.


Sesquicentennial art exhibit-contest; special women's program part of this summer's activities

With the schedule of Bluffton sesquicentennial now published, The Icon will continue to update viewers of specifics program information and opportunities that residents have to participate in these program.

For further information on any of the sesquicentennial contact Beverly Amstutz, director of the committee at 419-358-0334.

Here is The Icon's first installment of Bluffton sesquicentennial information in specific detail:

Community art exhibit

Calling all artists.


Bluffton 150-year celebration - 54,750 days in the making

It only happens once in the lifetime of a community: a one-hundred and fifty year celebration. Put another way, it's a celebration of over 54,750 days of small-town living.

Bluffton sesquicentennial committee, headed by Beverly Amstutz, has been very hard at work for over one year. The committee recently revealed a daily schedule of plans for Bluffton's 150th celebration.


What the 2010 census reveals about Bluffton

The Bluffton Icon connects its views to the most up-to-date 2010 U.S. census information about Bluffton, our school district and Richland Township.

For example, according to the census:
o Bluffton's 2010 population is 4,125 (2896 in 2000), for a 5.9 percent increase. The that population, 3,305 are adults and 820 are youth under 18.
o Bluffton has 1,522 housing units and 94 are vacant
.o The Bluffton school district has 2,552 housing units and 136 are vacant.


Five Gibbys

5 Gibbys. Is that something like a "full house" in cards? The Icon spotted this plate in a Bluffton University parking lot.