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Streetscape ribbon cutting Nov. 28

The Bluffton streetscape program will have its official ribbon cutting on the Blaze of Lights afternoon, according to Fred Rodabaugh, Bluffton mayor.

The longest ribbon in Bluffton ribbon-cutting history will stretch across Main Street in front of the town hall prior to the start of the Blaze parade. The ribbon cutting will take place is a brief ceremony at approximately 4:55 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 28.


Just three initials

We've not yet identified the owner of this plate. Perhaps if we go though the "G" listing in the phone book, we might come up with the answer. We do know that ZJG is a Bluffton Pirates sports fan. Viewers, please help with this one.


325 ZB is a street address

This vanity plate is so old that it really isn't a vanity plate. Under a previous Ohio license plate system, ZB was one of the designations for Bluffton drivers. During the days when a license bureau was actually in Bluffton, the agent would hold back plates for persons who requested the same one year after year. Often the number on the plate represented the driver's street address. In this case, Don and Joanne Overmyer of 325 W. Elm St. kept their plate and made a vanity plate from it when the license system dropped local bureaus.


Steiner, Fulcomer, Kingsley, McGarrity winners

Unofficial Nov. 3 Bluffton election results for the Bluffton council and the Richland Township trustee races:


David Steiner 771*

Eric Fulcomer 730*

Mitch Kingsley 692*

Richard McGarrity 686*

Dean French 536


Rod Goldsberry 1,366*

Gary Lugibihl 1,296*

Tony Carmack 761



BVHS Pharmacy 1 of 6 to receive national award

The Blanchard Valley Health System Pharmacy has received the ASHP Best Practices Award in Health-System Pharmacy from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

The BVHS Pharmacy was one of only six pharmacies in the United States to receive this award.

Awarded after a national competition, the ASHP Best Practices Award recognizes innovation and outstanding practitioners in health system pharmacy.


A real fan

This one is curious. We don't know the owner. However, here are some clues to the story behind the plate. The plate was on a vehicle parked at St. John's UCC of Sunday. What does the plate mean? Guess number 1: Denver and Rio Grande Railroad fan; Guess number 2: Doctor Railroad Fan. Any other thoughts?