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Regional news

A real fan

This one is curious. We don't know the owner. However, here are some clues to the story behind the plate. The plate was on a vehicle parked at St. John's UCC of Sunday. What does the plate mean? Guess number 1: Denver and Rio Grande Railroad fan; Guess number 2: Doctor Railroad Fan. Any other thoughts?


Pass the 1 Pasta please!


1 PASTA can usually be spotted on Vine Street near Jeanne's Kitchen. It is on the van driven by Jeanne Previte of Ada.


November MMH birthday celebrations

Several residents of the Mennonite Memorial Home will celebrate November birthdays.

They include:

oVera Lee, 6th

oMike Plate, 11th

oBob Spillman, 14th

oAllene Luginbuhl, 15th

oEdith Holbrook, 17th

oArline Wagner, 18th

oDean Sommers, 18th

oVera Higgins, 19th

oAlice Wingate, 24th

oTreva Suter, 27th

oHarvey Bauman, 27th


Meet Willow Ann Derstine

Willow Ann Derstine was born Wednesday, Oct. 21, to Matt and Jannie Derstine. Lu Derstine is the grandmother and Luther and Geneva Shelter are the great-grandparents.


EC 66 is no zip code

EC 67

EC 66 means Everett Collier and 66 is his football jersey.


There goes LGH 4


Sorry to say, we don't know what the G stands for, or for that matter the 4. However, this license plate belongs to Lowell Hostetler, 11999 Snider Road.