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October 27, 2021

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Ever meet anyone you know when on the road?

What are the odds of two Bluffton couples running into each other at the Belvidere Oasis, near the Illinois-Wisconsin border on Interstate 90?

It’s over 300 miles from Bluffton and nearly 6 hours from Bluffton – in a different time zone.

Well, Paula and Rob Scott got out of town last week to visit relatives in Madison, Wisconsin.

And Mary and Fred Steiner did the same, heading to La Crosse, Wisconsin. Both couples took a pit stop at the same time last Saturday at the Belvidere Oasis, just outside Rockford, Illinois.

The photo shows it, and the guy on the far right can’t quite figure out why the four were laughing so hard during the selfie.

We know, it has also happened to you, too; just not in Belvidere.