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February 24, 2018

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During Spiritual Life Week

Students, pastor explore “Rising from Darkness to Light”

Using Micah 7:8b, “Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light,” as inspiration, Bluffton University students explored themes of failure and growth during Spiritual Life Week, which is held twice a year on campus. It’s a verse that resonates with many.
“This week has shown me that you can come back from failure; everybody experiences failure,” said Leslie Beasley, a sophomore education major from Columbus, Ohio. “The theme definitely resonates with me.”

Chocolate malts and frogs’ legs?

Willow Ridge: Not your typical nursing home

Barb Lawrence remembers a text she received while getting ready to go to work at Willow Ridge.

“A staff member sent me a picture of a chocolate malt (with whipped cream and a cherry) that she had just made for one of our elders.  It was 6 a.m.!”

Barb’s story illustrates what’s unique about Willow Ridge.  The first Green House home in Ohio, it refutes just about all the perceptions people have about long-term care. 

Joe Sehlhorst hopes to expand village cultural affairs committee

He invites ideas and volunteers to expand committee beyond the Blaze of Lights

One of the Village of Bluffton’s little-known committees – Village Cultural Affairs – is returning to life after a long sleep.

Known best as the caretaker of the Blaze of Lights Ream Holiday Folk Art cutouts, the committee originated in the 1970s as a village committee to inspire arts in Bluffton.

At the beginning of 2018 council member Joe Sehlhorst asked to be council’s representative to the group. On Jan. 30 Sehlhorst and Mayor Richard Johnson met with a group of volunteers who indicated an interest in assisting the committee.

After 1906, but no motor vehicles

Here's a photo from "The Bluffton We Never Knew." It shows Main Street from the town hall clock tower. Visible are four church steeples, trolley rails on the center of Main Street, hitching posts for horses and awnings on store fronts. This photo was taken sometime between 1906 and 1915. The photo is among 170 photos in the Bluffton photo history book.

Copies are avialable for $19.95 plus tax at the following businesses:
• Bluffton Senior Citizens Center
• Twisted Whisk Cafe
• The Food Store
• Book ReViews
• Bluffton University bookstore


The Icon spotted 4 DA BOYS on a black Dodge Ram 1500 truck on Church Street in Bluffton.


2018 tax revenue streams

On Monday's school board agenda

Bluffton school board will act to approve 2018 tax revenue streams on Monday.

The action includes approving amounts required from the general property tax and from the county auditor’s estimated tax rates.

The attached school board packet breaks down in detail, general property taxes approved and the county auditor’s estimated tax rates.

It also shows the school district’s general fund and bond retirement and permanent improvement fund amounts.