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October 18, 2018

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New but familiar council meets for first time in 2018 on Monday

They will chose a council president and may also pick a replacement for one council vacancy

It’s a new year and Bluffton council meets in its new-yet-familiar look for the first time in 2018 on Monday.

Monday is Richard Johnson’s first official meeting as mayor. It is also the first meeting for new council members Jerry Cupples, Mitch Kingsley and David Steiner.

The Monday agenda is largely a reorganization session. Although not on the agenda, council has the option of selecting a council member to replace Johnson who became mayor at the resignation of Judy Augsburger at the final 2017 meeting.

Should council not decided on a replacement within 30-days of Johnson’s vacant seat it will be up to the mayor to select a replacement.

Council will also select a council president – there is none since Johnson became mayor. The rest of Monday’s agenda is attached at the bottom of this story.